5-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Delivers Amazing Performance

Byvu lita

Apr 11, 2024

Many videos are featuring little boys or girls showing their incredible talent, but still, seeing this five-year-old boy play the piano keyboard with such mastery at such a young age is amazing!

Meet Evan Le, the piano genius. He was born on May 31, 2011, in Torrance, CA, and got his first-ever piano lesson in December 2014, when he was three years old. Two years of practice make up for this stunning video that you are about to witness!

It is incredible that only after two years of formal training this little master can do amazing things with on the piano. Watch as Evan rehearses for his recital which will be held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The young tot plays Chopin’s Minute Waltz to pure perfection.

At the beginning of this clip, the piano prodigy sits calmly in front of the piano before him, staring directly at the keyboard. He sits several moments in silence, intensely concentrating on the instrument. Moments later, he sweeps one of his little hands across the keys and launches into a stunning performance, channeling the great Chopin himself. Incredible!

The little genius completes his performance with flying colors, much to our delight! Then, he rests his hands on his thighs and keeps it fresh. The new star is born!

Born to parents who do not have any background in music, Evan’s musical journey was not planned. Besides having perfect pitch, Evan reads and memorizes music pieces incredibly fast. Above all else, Evan loves to compose. His parents inform that even before he started piano lessons, he would come to the piano many times during the day and play his tunes with both hands. Whenever he wanted to show his piano skills to others, he always insisted on performing his music rather than music pieces he’s learned. Reportedly, this passion for creating continues to this day!

What were you doing when you were five years old? We were probably making mud cakes and eating them. Just kidding, but we were not piano masters for sure! We don’t know any people yet alone kids that try so hard to succeed at something just like Evan. It takes a lot of practice, and a lot of precision to be good at something and Evan will be a big star there is no doubt about that! We would love to see him playing on big shows like ‘America’s got talent’ and other big shows! People will be in awe, and they will love him!

From the moment your child is born, you know that they are extraordinary. Each milestone reached, and every developmental milestone may only serve to reaffirm further your beliefs that your little one is undoubtedly a genius. Kids are the better version of their parents, they make their parents proud, and they are the best thing in their lives!

Image how proud are Evan’s parents of him! We have one thing to say to Evan: Evan, keep going in life, and one day you will be a mega star!

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