7-Year-Old Captivates Hearts with Stunning Acoustic Guitar Performance

Byvu lita

Jan 3, 2024

7 year old Konstantina Andritsou Wows Audience On The Guitar

It appears learning to play an instrument is similar to learning a new language; you pick it up so much more quickly as a child. Or at least that’s certainly the case for Konstantina Andritsou.

Although she only began learning to play the guitar at four years old (already an impressive feat!), her skill had reached prodigy level by seven. Konstantina is of Bulgarian descent but has lived most of her life in Greece.

In the past few years, she has already become famous on YouTube and in Greece due to the exceptional talent she possesses. I’m sure the fact that she’s as cute as a button doesn’t hurt either! In this amazing video which has already received over 27 million views on YouTube, Konstantina is playing the guitar onstage in Megaro, Athens.

When the video begins, a man leads Konstantina out onto the stage. Initially, she seems a little overwhelmed, but he takes care of her, reminding her to bow to the audience and showing her where to sit. Once she’s settled, he hands her the guitar and moves away; that’s when the magic begins! This lovely young girl scarcely seems big enough even to hold the guitar, but as she plays, the precision and passion of her playing are almost hypnotic.

Her technical skill is also obvious, even if you don’t play the guitar. Her fingers seem to dance over the frets as the tune becomes more and more complex. Her concentration is so intense it’s hard not to hold your breath while you watch her. However, she completes the whole piece flawlessly, and at the end, the audience breaks into ecstatic applause. They are rewarded with a smile from this beautiful and talented girl as she bows and leaves the stage.

In the years since this performance was recorded, Konstantina has performed at festivals and other events all over Greece. In 2019, she even appeared at the Razi Conservatory in Drosia, Greece. It was her first formal recital, but surely there will be many more to come. It seems clear that an exciting future awaits this gifted young lady.

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