9-Year-Old Girl Rips Ceiling Off With Barbra Streisand Mega Hit, Making Judges Scream “A Star Is Born”

Byvu lita

Mar 6, 2024

Chasing after the dream of becoming a professional music artist is a goal for many young kids. However, there are very few who have the talent to make it work. One of those lucky few is Cora Harkin.

The 9-year-old girl already has an incredible singing voice and is ready to take her talent to the next level of stardom. Cora debuted her voice on the hit show “Ireland’s Got Talent” when she sang the classic Barbra Streisand tune “Don’t Rain on My Parade.”

Since that performance, it has become obvious that the sky is the limit for this adorable little girl.

Cora’s stage presence was obvious from the minute she walked out on to the stage wearing a precious blue denim dress with her curly hair up in pigtails.

“Don’t Rain on My Parade” was the perfect song for Cora, as the song’s lyrics tell the story of personal triumph.

It was obvious that Cora impressed the judges when all four of them rose to their feet to give her a standing ovation at the conclusion of her performance. Michelle Visage was especially proud of the production, heaping praise on the little girl.

One of the sweetest moments of the performance was when the camera swept backstage to show the glowing faces of Cora’s parents. Their pride in their daughter was incredibly touching to see.

If you missed this performance the first time around, now is your chance to see little Cora’s stage debut. Be sure to catch it now before she becomes a true star! After you have watched this magical number, be sure to spread the cuteness to everyone that you know.

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