A Man Interrupts Girls Playing Classical Music and Brings the House Down

Byvu lita

Nov 24, 2023

Although most of you may have heard the term, many people don’t understand what the boogie-woogie genre is all about! This style of music was popular in the 20s due to its fun rhythmic beats and easy-to-improvise flow. Moreover, it’s so enjoyable to dance to! However, nowadays, the boogie-woogie isn’t that popular. And this man is in a mission to revive it!

Brendan Kavanaugh, who goes by the name Dr. K is an internet sensation! Moreover, the Londoner goes around the city playing public pianos to cheer up unsuspecting strangers! He is a master pianist, but he specializes in the Boogie-Woogie genre. One day, he runs into two Chinese women playing classical pieces in the piano. They don’t know the Boogie-Woogie. So, Dr. K busts out his skills to perform a bit that blows their mind!

boogie woogie dr K

Dressed in all black, Dr. K is observing the woman playing a beautiful classical piece. But the note she’s playing reminds the YouTuber of something, and he demonstrates it to her. Then, he asks her if she knows the Boogie-Woogie, and when she says no, he goes full swing. Furthermore, he taps his foot and plays an incredible tune. And the girl can’t stop dancing! Watch the exciting performance below:

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