A Rusted “Barn Find” Antique Piano Is Brought Back To Life

Byvu lita

Jan 4, 2024

Most people might find an old toy and assume it’s broken and beyond repair. Such pieces are only destined for the dump heap, right? Not according to Rescue & Restore.

antique piano

An antique child’s grand piano was salvaged from an old barn and brought back to life. Watch as the restorer takes excellent care in polishing up each piece one at a time.

He lacquers and paints each of the parts of the frame. He puts each of the hammers back in its rightful place with extreme detail. He strings together the simple xylophone innards.

antique piano

Testing each key carefully, you can hear the ring of the beautiful music it used to play. He inserts the inside of the grand piano into the outer shell and begins to work on the keys.

He paints each block white, gently placing black stickers on them to represent the black keys. He puts each key into place. For the final touch, he inserts the music stand on top.

antique piano

In order to see the entire transformation, the photo of the piano’s original condition is set side-by-side with the fully restored beauty. What an outstanding job bringing this toy back to life!

One person’s trash is truly another person’s treasure. This man shows that things we assume are beyond saving can always be returned to their former glory with a little love.

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