A Stunning Fusion: Adele’s ‘Hello’ Meets Mozart’s ‘Lacrimosa’ in a Cello Rendition

Byvu lita

Sep 29, 2023

The Piano Guys, an incredibly talented group of musicians performed a breathtaking version of the Adele hit “Hello” in combination with the somber Mozart requiem”Lacrimosa” on cello with absolutely stunning results. The group recorded the session at the Tuacahn Center for the Arts, utilizing mirrors, diffused light and lots of fog.

Hello/Lacrimosa (or “Chello,” as it has affectionately been called in the studio) is a musical experiment bridging 18th century spiritualism and 21st century secularism. Imagine Mozart and Adele in the same room in an intense co-write session, quill and pen in hand, respectively. Picturing this hypothetical hangout helped to spark the creative combination of the two. …The sounds you hear were created by 100 tracks of acoustic and electric cello, an instrument that has been emoting for centuries – an apt candidate for the task of tying together “Hellocrimosa” (our alternate affectionate title).

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