A Trio Challenges Themselves With a Cover Of “Stayin’ Alive” By Bee Gees And Takes The Song To The Next Level

Byvu lita

Jan 28, 2024

If you’ve ever tried to sing along to Queen, The Bee Gees, or Maroon 5, you’ll know it’s pretty hard to match their head voice register, or falsetto.

The start of Bohemian Rhapsody already takes some pretty strong head voice to sing, and I dread to attempt covering the Bee Gees.

But some people have honed their head voice register, like these friends who’re treating us to a cover of “Staying Alive.”

Two of them are on guitar and vocals, and another is on bass. After all, it’s not complete without that iconic bassline.

From left to right, these three are Amir Darzi, Yoni Schlesinger, and Lital Regev.

Amir, Yoni, and Lital are all incredibly competent musicians on their own. Which makes for one hell of a trio when they’re together.

And don’t think that Lital can’t sing just because you don’t hear it here. She’s just sitting this one out to play bass, but she absolutely can sing.

Amir’s head voice register is already starting us off with a bang.

Trying to sing as high as the Bee Gees is no easy feat, but practice will get you there.

But wait, shouldn’t the term here be “falsetto”? Well, kinda.

Head voice vs. falsetto is a pretty common semantic discussion among singers, but falsetto really is just a kind of head voice.

When you use your head register, that’s what gives you that high-pitched voice.

A falsetto is really just an airy, breathier way of using the head voice. The vague explanations that most people give don’t really do it any favors, but believe me, they’re not different.

So we’ve heard Amir’s head voice; what about Yoni’s? Well, it’s pretty darn good too.

Amir and Yoni then take it a step further and harmonize wonderfully. It sounds just as good as the original when you consider they’re not using fancy recording equipment or sound-proofing.

Yoni is clearly feeling it; just look at him bouncing his legs as he strums.

Amir and Lital are a couple and have been for over 18 years.

The pair are from Tel Aviv, Israel, and have known each other since childhood.

Yoni is also from Tel Aviv, and that’s why the three were able to meet and make this happen.

It’s a wonderful thing when musicians get together. All it takes is a shared passion and the desire to share that passion.

Now that they’ve hit the song’s bridge, you know, “Life is going nowhere; somebody help me,” Lital finally joins in on the vocals.

The stellar bassist is a decent singer too, and her more feminine head register contrasts with those of Amir and Yoni, but there’s still harmony in that contrast.

Amir goes off with his head voice and belts a long, sustained high note that would make the Bee Gees proud.

See? That’s what practice and a love for the art can do for you.

The video fades off, and we’re all happy we got to listen to them.

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