A Violinist Performs a Private Concert for Two Beluga Whales, Capturing Their Enthusiastic Response

Byvu lita

Dec 29, 2023

A violinist held a private concert, but his audience was far from ordinary. At Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, Big Lux, a hip hop violin player, performed for a special trio – Natasha, Kela, and Juno, the resident beluga whales.

beluga whale listening to violin

This remarkable interaction, captured on video, has captured hearts worldwide, showing the power of music transcending species.

The belugas seemed utterly captivated by the melodies, a scene that speaks volumes about the universal language of music and its ability to connect diverse beings.

The aquarium staff, always looking for ways to enrich their animals’ lives, found this musical session to be a perfect example of such enrichment. It was a serene and almost magical experience, both for Big Lux and his unique audience.

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