Abby, 4, Sings “You Are My Sunshine” One Last Time to Her Dying Cat in an Emotional Moment

Byvu lita

Nov 23, 2023

Mother Erin Merryn captured a very touching moment when her four-year-old daughter Abby sang “You Are My Sunshine” to her dying cat Bailey, showcasing their special connection. Abby cradles Bailey in her arms and strokes him gently as she sings the lullaby to him.

Bailey takes comfort from Abby’s gentle touch as he falls asleep in the clip. The elderly cat seems groggy in the video but there’s no clear sign what his ailment is. Sadly Bailey passed away three hours after the video was shot due to kidney failure. You can watch Abby sing to him in the video below.

Abby and Bailey were inseparable and did everything together as the youngster grew up. She particularly loved to serenade her cat with “You Are My Sunshine”. A video of Abby singing the song to Bailey when he was healthier went viral after being shared on ABC, MTV, Ellen and Good Morning America.

Abby again went viral with her final lullaby to Bailey shot on the day of his passing, which has been viewed 2.1 million times on Ms Merryn’s YouTube channel Mom on a Mission. You can watch the first viral video with a more sprightly Bailey below. You can really see the bond between the pair as Baily snuggles up nice and close to Abby. Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows they only act like that when they deeply trust someone.

Bailey won the hearts of people around the world, and after his passing Abbey and her little sister Hannah received countless gifts and letters of condolence. Their mother even snapped an open-mouthed picture of the girls sitting in front of a huge haul of cards and packages, along with a picture of Bailey.

Ms Merryn thanked netizens for their support, saying “In a world where you hear a lot of the negative, you’re seeing right here some of the positive. Thank you to all who sent cards, they loved opening them. You made this difficult time a little easier.”

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