Adorable Three-Year-Old Giggles at the Piano and Then Amazes the Internet with Her Ability

Byvu lita

Dec 1, 2023

If you took a typical three-year-old and placed them on a piano bench, the instrument would surely fascinate them. All those keys, all those sounds! It might be the beginning of an interest in music, but for the time being, their piano “playing” will be an unholy racket. No wonder piano teachers suggest holding off on lessons until a child is at least five!

But let’s not be too hard on three-year-olds. They’re busy vacuuming up information about the world around them and they’ve only had so much time to do that. A perfectly normal three-year-old is still mastering the art of negotiating a staircase, just beginning to speak in sentences, and likely has their first imaginary friend.

And then there’s Charlotte. She’s an especially bright three-year-old who also has an astonishing amount of musical talent. If you think that’s an exaggeration, just have a look (and listen) at the video posted below. Her mom asks her, “I want to hear you play a song. Can you play a song for me, please?”
Charlotte demurs in a thoroughly charming way: “I want to sing a happy birthday song for you first.” But she soon gives in and starts tickling the ivories. “Chopsticks” this ain’t. Without the need for sheet music (although being able to read it would be impressive in itself), Charlotte launches into the Allegretto in F by Johann Cristoph Friedrich (J.C.F.) Bach. Known as the “Bueckeburg Bach” for the town he settled in, J.C.F. was one of the many sons of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Charlotte plays the piece with a skill that goes way beyond her years, humming along as if she was Glenn Gould, the celebrated Canadian pianist. Suffice it to say, if she wants to be a great, world-famous pianist when she grows up, she probably will be!

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