After a Power Outage, The Audience Joins The Orchestra In a Phenomenal Performance

Byvu lita

Dec 28, 2023

Due to load-shedding, there was a six-minute power outage at the venue, but the orchestra continued playing and gave an incredible performance as their finale.

There are often chances of some technical issues when it comes to musical performances. It can be that the mic stops working, an instrument breaks, or the electricity goes off. However, what really matters is how the group or the performers handle the disruption and complete their performance. A similar thing happened to an orchestra called Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, which was performing Gustav Mahler’s 2nd Symphony at Soweto. The power went off for six minutes before the end due to load-shedding. Instead of stopping the performance, they gave a stunning finish to their act and left everyone mesmerized. In the video, posted by Boston Philharmonic on their Instagram page, the orchestra, which includes 120 people, can be seen performing without stopping despite having no power at the venue. Everyone in the hall can be seen using torches and phone lights and enjoying the spectacular performance. The orchestra can be heard till the back and it seems to get more beautiful towards the end of the act.

The orchestra, originally from Boston in the USA, was reportedly performing at Regina Mundi Church in Rockville when the power outage happened at 8 pm, according to Sowetan Live. The orchestra was playing with Andiswa Makana, Bongiwe Nakani Mcetywa and the 80-strong Gauteng Choristers Choir.

After nearly 6 minutes of the power outage, the generator kicked in and some lights were back. However, the outstanding performance received a standing ovation from the audience. Zander, who has about 50 years of experience as a music conductor said “It is the first time I have conducted this piece to people who have never heard it before and responded the way they did. It is also the first time in my 50 years that I had to conduct an orchestra in the dark.”


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