Amazing Pianist Shocks Audience With Perfectly Timed Performance of Tom and Jerry’s Cat Concerto Scene

Byvu lita

Jan 28, 2024

The video below is a fantastic showcasing of Yannie Tan’s skills as a pianist and performer, and it is most certainly one to watch. At over seven minutes, even when Jerry starts to mess Tom’s performance up, Tan keeps up with the manic tones brought forth by the amusing animated short.

Who is Yannie Tan?

Yannie Tan, a classical musician turned YouTube star, has a channel currently standing at 228,000 subscribers. Her repertoire is vast, covering her own musical performances showcasing her skills and well-honed gift as a classical pianist, musical tutorials, and comedic videos. Tan also writes, composes, and performs her own electronic music.

About Her Cat Concerto Performance

One of Tan’s most popular videos, one that saw her rise into the public eye, was her cover of the classic Tom and Jerry skit “Cat Concerto.” In the video, it shows Tan fully bedecked in pianists’ garb, drawn on whiskers, and cattail performing an awe-inspiring rendition of the amusing episode, which features Tom and Jerry having one of their classic comedic fights, all while playing along to the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt.

Tan mimics Tom’s actions as he sits to play the piano, flapping out her coattails just at the right moments, giving the show a warm, nostalgic, and comedic feel—that is, of course, until she starts playing. Tan begins playing note-for-note the piece in perfect synchronized motion with the animated episode.

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