Billy Joel Stuns With His First Grammy Performance After 22 Years!

Byvu lita

Mar 12, 2024

Billy Joel is, definitionally, a musical icon. His songs have been favorites of many generations, playing on radios for decades. This year, Billy Joel put out his first song in 17 years, and he took to the Grammy’s stage to perform it!

He began his awards show slot with an epic performance of “Turn The Lights Back On.” Obviously, as is the case with many Billy tunes, it started softly and ramped up to epic musicality. He’s a creator of iconic tunes and I think he’s done it again!

Fans were so excited to see Billy Joel in action. His voice still sounds as radiant and unique as it always has. He’s always excelled at clarity and tone, sharing the song’s emotional content for audiences to lap up.

After the performance of his new song, he sang “You May Be Right After,” closing out the show with a classic from his 1980 album, Glass House.

billy joel at a piano
This image is from X.

Whether you’re a mega fan or just a lover of his big hits, you’ve got to watch this legendary Grammy performance. Billy Joel is a musical genius, and he’s absolutely done it again.

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