Blind 8-Year-Old Mesmerizes with Outstanding Skills On The Organ

Byvu lita

Apr 6, 2024

A blind 8-year-old child shines whenever he plays the organ, showing off his mesmerizing skills on the instrument despite his physical disability.

There are a lot of impressive and talented people in this world. The Lord has been generous with the skills and abilities he has given to people. Some people are gifted academically and can remember and recall, with lightning-quick speed, specific dates and events in history. Others may excel in athletics, putting their superior athletic ability to work on the football field or the basketball court.

However, other individuals might have a natural aptitude for music and playing instruments. Some people can pick up an instrument, tinker with it for a few minutes and moments later, they are producing some beautiful and pleasant sounds.

Nykoda Icke is one of those individuals who has been blessed with a gift for creating beautiful sounds. The young man, who has been blind since he was very young after being diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma, has not let his lack of sight time from playing the piano, keyboard and organ.

The short clip shows the young man playing a keyboard and even using an organ to play “Jump,” one of Van Halen’s classic hits.

But that’s not all. After Nykoda and his mother attended a Hector Olivera concert, a world-renowned organist, the young man got a chance to play with the famed musician.

Hector was thoroughly impressed with the young man’s musical abilities.

Maraynna Icke, Nykoda’s mother, had an excellent explanation about why her son can play those instruments despite not being able to see.

“The loss of sight gives his brain so much space to crave other stimulus, and music just kind of fills that void,” she said.

What an incredibly talented and impressive young man who refuses to allow his disability to hold him back.

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