Boy Performs a Hilarious Piano Meme Medley, and the Audience Enjoys It So Much

Byvu lita

Jan 18, 2024

When musicians talk about song medleys, they usually think of a collection of compositions by one specific composer they’d like to present to the audience in a shortened, glued-together piece.

With that in mind, musicians usually want to avoid focusing on one of the hits and instead incorporate three or more in the same amount of time they’d used for one. It is a crowd-pleaser and a time-saver.

An unusual teenage pianist, Jason Tran, is perfectly aware of this concept. He, however, adds a slight twist to it by focusing on the common denominator for all the different songs he will use.

His medley will sound like a medley of random tunes he glued together for a person who is not social media savvy. But, honestly, with all the excellent transitions he makes, this would already be a perfect medley.

But for all who know YouTube and TikTok memes and challenges, this is a delicacy without comparison. And for a teenager to arrange it and perform it live on the high school talent show, it is simply ingenious.

In the beginning, even his colleagues need some time to figure out what he is playing, but when he pulls a Nokia Phone sketch on them and shows a photo of broccoli that continues with him playing Lil’ Yachty’s ‘Broccoli’, they all get it.

His flawless transition to the ‘The Office’ theme song filled the auditorium with laughter and guaranteed him rapturous applause at the end. “I love making people laugh, smile, and feel good,” wrote Tran on his YouTube channel, and he is succeeding in it.

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