Brad Paisley Gives a Guitar to A Lucky Fan, Then Reads His Messages and Discovers Something Amazing

Byvu lita

Mar 14, 2024

Brad Paisley is known for being a talented musician, but his popularity also comes from him being a kind human being. This can be seen in the way he treats his fans. In fact, giving away guitars is one of his favorite things to do. During each of his concerts, one lucky kid is chosen to get this coveted gift. That’s why, when he did just that in Glasgow recently, it wasn’t a surprise.

But Paisley himself was in for a surprise of his own after the show. In his DMs on Instagram, a certain message caught his eye. It was from the mother of the kid he gave his guitar to that night. This message in and of itself was great enough, but it was the message she sent years ago that blew the singer’s mind.

@bradpaisley This is why we do what we do… #bradpaisley #countrymusic #guitar #glasgow ♬ original sound – Brad Paisley

“I am bringing my son to see you for the 1st time in Glasgow on Friday,” Sarah Gilmour’s message reads. “I have seen you a few times before and your shows are amazing! My son Mason is 9 years old and has been learning guitar for a couple of years now, I know he’s going to be blown away by your guitar skills. Could you give him a shout out if possible.”

Brad Paisley Unknowingly Responds to Fan’s Request Years Later

While this message reads like it was sent days before the recent concert, it was actually sent in 2022! That’s right: Paisley unknowingly gave his guitar to this very kid years after his mom reaching out. What are the odds!?

“This is why we do what we do,” Paisley writes in the caption of his TikTok.

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