Bryan Olesen and Nathan Chester Stun Judges with Adele Duet “That Harmony, Oh My Gosh!”

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Mar 18, 2024

The Voice dropped a clip of a powerful duet between Bryan Olesen and Nathan Chester ahead of the March 18th episode.

The two singers are going up against each other during the Battle Rounds next week, and they both proved to be flawless performers—so flawless that the coaches didn’t know what to do with it.

Bryan and Nathan made the song their own while also perfectly meshing with the other, both stylistically and vocally. As they belted the lyrics, Reba McEntire, Chance the Rapper, Dan + Shay, and John Legend watched with wide eyes while the crowd cheered and clapped along.

Following the performance, their coach, John, looked to his fellow coaches for help with his elimination choice, but none of them offered any help.

John Legend May Have to Use a “Coin Toss” to Decide Between Bryan Olesen and Nathan Chester

“Bryan, Nathan, that was absolutely incredible,” Reba raved. “That harmony, oh my gosh it was powerful. Your choreography was flawless. Bryan, I love your style. It’s a little quirky, that’s what I loved about it. Nathan, powerhouse. John, I don’t think I’m any help for you buddy, I’m sorry.”

Chance followed up by saying both of the men were “powerful vocalists,” and he added that Nathan had amazing control and personality while Bryan showed amazing range. He said that either of them could win the whole show.

Dan Smyers admitted that he was “blown away” by Bryan Olesen and Nathan Chester’s performance.

“What I loved about this performance was that it felt very individual in moments where you were both able to shine,” Shay Mooney added before suggesting that John make his decision with a coin toss.

In the end, not one coach has a single critique to share.

“Can you imagine a quartet of people more unhelpful than these four people?”John asked Carson Daly.

John Legend gave both singers an “A +++” before jumping into his decision. Unfortunately, we won’t know who he chose until the full episode of The Voice airs on March 18 on NBC at 8 PM ET.

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