Celine Dion’s Voice is Just as Gorgeous as Ever in this Mini Impromptu Duet After the Grammys

Byvu lita

Mar 13, 2024

Between Billy Joel debuting his first new song in 17 years and Taylor Swift announcing her next album, the Grammys were full of surprises this year. One of the biggest happened at the very end of the show during the announcement for Album of the Year. The presenter was Celine Dion, delighting both the in-person crowd at the Grammys and the folks at home. This is the first time that Dion has made a public appearance since November 2023.

This is because of her rare neurological disorder called stiff person syndrome (SPS). That’s why everyone was oh-so delighted for her to be there, including Sonyae Elise. This R&B singer-songwriter shared clips of her time at the award show on social media, including her iconic interaction with Dion.

Celine Dion and Sonyae Elise Sing Backstage at the Grammys


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In the video Elise shared, the two of them can be seen with arms wrapped around each other as they harmonize and ad-lib. The two of them take turns singing “ain’t no tellin’ the world,” and their voices sound perfect together!

“Highlights of an ICONIC night,” Elise writes in the caption of her post.

Fans of both Dion and Elise are thrilled by this heartwarming interaction. Part of the reason why, of course, is because it’s so wonderful to see Dion in her element once again. And even though it was a brief, impromptu performance, fans are so happy to hear this legend’s beautiful voice again!

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