Child Prodigy Gives An Impromptu and Inspirational Piano Performance To The Whole Costco Store!

Byvu lita

Mar 19, 2024

The giant superstore Costco is infamous for a plethora of supplies and it’s never-ending flow of free samples. But it also has some pretty great music equipment… and when 9-year-old Jake Clayton stepped up to a piano in the store, patrons got a whole lot more than a “gratis” offering.

This little man – who’s very sharply dressed – has incredible skill. “Prodigy” is an easy word to pop in one’s head while watching him play. Many shoppers quickly gathered around to form an audience, and everyone was entertained.

I can’t help but wish I could’ve been there when Jake played this vibrant arrangement of the traditional Hungarian folk dance.

Watch below (at 0:54 it really heats up!) and if you want to see more of this kid’s amazing talent, check out his YouTube Channel!

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