Country Artist Billy Strings Joins A 10-Year-Old Musician For The Sweetest Impromptu Duet

Byvu lita

Feb 29, 2024

Country musician Billy Strings grabbed his guitar and joined 10-year-old Myles Gee for a song and we couldn’t be more impressed.

The two played “Waymore Blues” together, and the duet was beyond fabulous. What an incredible memory for this young musical artist!


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Billy Strings has a powerful way of expressing himself while playing music. You can see him nodding along and making faces with the jam — it’s a joy to watch!

The young Myles Gee certainly looked like a country artist-to-be, with his acoustic guitar and hat. He has the skills to back up the look, too.

Myles shared the clip to Instagram, captioning it, “Billy Strings played Waymore Blues with me last night.”

billy strings plays guitar with a child
This image is from Instagram.

Fans took to the comment section to express their delight with this country pair.

“Love this so much, love you and now I love Billy Strings even more than I did before,” said musician Pam Tillis.

“This is the moment I’ve been waiting for!!!!” posted another excited fan.

This collaboration was truly exceptional. While it’ll certainly be a memory for Myles, we have no doubt that the fans appreciated the tune just as much as the musicians did!

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