Dad Looks Too Scared To Dance With Daughter But Wows Everyone With His Moves

Byvu lita

Feb 23, 2024

Some people are naturally shy. Having to stand in front of a crowd makes them nervous, anxious, or flustered. For others, the shyness may just be a charade. This was the case for my father, Mike Hanley, who works as a comedian. Mike Hanley was up to a few tricks at his daughter’s bat mitzvah celebration.

Dad And Daughter Dance

Dad-and-daughter dances are a common event. They take place at schools, clubs, weddings, and bat mitzvah parties. At the bat mitzvah party, Mike Hanley and his daughter had a traditional slow dance. His daughter then asked him to join her in a faster dance. They planned this little trick well in advance in order to give the crowd a good laugh.

What This Dad Did

Mike Hanley put his head down, then looked around for a minute. He had to feign being shy. However, people who know him are aware that Mike Hanley is not that shy. As a comedian, he routinely performs in front of a crowd of strangers.

Before long, Mike Hanley was busting a move and making the crowd laugh. The routine was choreographed for him and his daughter. There is no word as to whether or not his daughter was impressed with his moves.

What do you think?

Have you ever pulled a trick on a crowd? Do you like to dance or perform in front of other people? Let us know about your thoughts about Mike Hanley and his actions at his daughter’s bat mitzvah celebration.

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