During a LA Philharmonic Classical Music Concert, A Woman Has a “Loud And Full-Body Orgasm”

Byvu lita

Mar 14, 2024

Listening to music triggers the pleasure centre in the brain to make you feel happy – but one woman allegedly experienced this on another level. Concertgoers at the LA Philharmonic’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony claim a woman experienced a “loud and full body orgasm” during the show.

Since the performance, an audio clip claiming to capture the woman’s climatic moment has been circulating on social media. When listening to the seven-second clip, a woman is heard groaning as the music comes to a natural pause before promptly restarting.

Molly Grant, who was sitting near the woman, told The Los Angeles Times: “Everyone kind of turned to see what was happening. I saw the girl after it had happened, and I assume that she had an orgasm because she was heavily breathing.

“Her partner was smiling and looking at her – like in an effort to not shame her. It was quite beautiful.”

Adding to this, one user said on Twitter: “[I] went to see LA Philharmonic play Thomasades and Tchaikovsky fifth last night…

“A woman in the audience had loud and full body orgasm during the fifth second movement.

“[The] band politely carried on. Props to LA Philharmonic (and Pytor Ilyich) for bringing it on.”

However, not everybody was convinced the woman climaxed during the show, instead putting it down to a possible medical emergency.

In response, another user said: “I was there. This is not what happened. The poor woman had a breakdown of some sort.

“Speaking to Elim after the concert (we are friends since our time together at U of M) and we were all worried it was a medical emergency. Please have more respect.”

However, the user argued back: “I ran all possible scenarios, Tourette’s even.

“I was in close proximity and had no less than eight other friends coincidentally attending – all had reached a similar conclusion.

“She remained for the rest of the show. Her demeanour was in evidence. My corroborated take is merely an observation. Respect maintained.”

Further backing this claim, another social media user said: “[My] friends who went to the LA Philharmonic.

“[They] are reporting that in the middle of the show some lady had a screaming orgasm to the point where the whole orchestra stopped playing.

“Some people really know how to live…”

One more user added: “I checked with someone who works at the LA Philharmonic are they confirmed this happened, the orchestra did not stop playing, and it was during Tchaikovsky’s fifth.”

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