Ed Sheeran and James Blunt Team Up Together to Perform Elton John’s “Sacrifice”

Byvu lita

Mar 19, 2024

James Blunt and Ed Sheeran teamed up to perform a beautiful rendition of Elton John’s “Sacrifice” in a stunning display of natural musical talent. James Blunt starts the duet off playing the piano and delivering the first verse with his iconic vocals. Entering the bridge, Ed joins in with a a soft picking pattern on the acoustic guitar.

Ed takes on the second verse, but the real fireworks begin when the harmonies start in a spine-tingling musical moment that landed over 66 million views on YouTube. Watch their stunning duet in the video below:

Keith Urban surprised his fans at The Colosseum Caesars Palace when he took on an Adele song “Easy On Me”. After the first first the Australian superstar added a heartfelt message to the song saying, “it’s easy to Tweet stuff anonymously, its easy to say stuff… I got feelings, you know what I mean. So before you post Tweet comment… Go easy on me”.

The video was uploaded to YouTube where it picked up over 2.2 million views as fans enjoy watching their idol send a beautifully worded message through music. Watch Keith’s “Easy On Me” cover in the video below:

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