Ed Sheeran Hears a Fan Singing His Song at the Mall and Decides To Join in for a Surprise Duet

Byvu lita

Mar 13, 2024

Talk about a dream come true! This girl was singing an Ed Sheeran tune at the mall when he surprised her with an epic duet!

This talented fan was performing a cover of “Thinking Outloud” by Ed Sheeran at the mall when a fan stormed the stage!

Ed Sheeran surprise duet at mall
This image is from YouTube.

Wait — it wasn’t just a fan — it was Ed Sheeran himself.

She kept singing and he jumped right in.

As the song continued, he began to harmonize with her, producing a beautiful and unique cover of the famous tune.

She was clearly shocked by his presence, but her performance didn’t waver in the slightest.

Fans of Ed were amazed by his surprise duet, praising him for letting the gal take the limelight.

“Can I just say, as a musician, it was very sweet when he started harmonizing with her? It made sure that he stayed in her range, and it highlighted her voice over his,” one viewer commented. “That whole performance was very classy.”

Another fan noted how impressed he was by the girl staying calm and cool!

“Huge respect to her for not missing a beat and keeping going when he joined in,” they said. I know I would’ve just squealed and jumped up and down!

Check out the full video of the Ed Sheeran mall duet below. It’s absolutely incredible!

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