Ed Sheeran Performs For Florida Schoolchildren And Provides Free Concert Tickets To The Entire Class

Byvu lita

Dec 28, 2023

Ed Sheeran paid a surprise visit to a Florida high school to play for the students and in quite a display of generosity, also gave away guitars and concert tickets. Sheeran made the appearance earlier this year in a Hillsborough County Public School and played his number one hit “Perfect” for the students, showing off his amazing voice and beautiful guitar playing.

After playing Sheeran made time to talk with students as well as take photos and sign memorabilia. He also jammed with the students on his international hit “Photograph”, singing in duet with a female student while her classmates accompanied them on acoustic guitar. The kids were clearly absolutely stoked with the megastar’s appearance and had huge smiles on their dials as you can see in the video below.

Sheeran told the students “I thought I’d come and play some songs for you and I’ve also brought some guitars to give to you guys for the music department,” which got a big cheer from the students. The next piece of news he gave them got an even bigger cheer when he said “I’m playing at a stadium tomorrow and I’ve got tickets for all of you guys to come.”

He added that the stadium show would be to 72,000 people, but that he was keen to play a “tiny concert right here” for the students. Sheeran is clearly quite fond of surprising his fans and jamming with them, as you can also see him dropping in to sing with a busker at the mall who was playing his song. The pair sang “Thinking Out Loud” in duet, and the video was quite a hit with listeners at home as it attracted 22 million views.

In reply to the first video, fans gave major props to the pop star for being so generous with his time, adding comments such as “Thank you Ed Sheeran for taking the time to give these kids a memory that will last them a lifetime. Perfect.” and “He has such a pure genuine heart and made those kids so happy!” Sheeran was the most played artist on radio on the entire planet in 2022, so it’s really something to see that he’s so down to Earth in his interactions with fans.

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