Ed Sheeran Stole the Microphone From A Mall Performer, What Happened Next Left Everyone Smiling!

Byvu lita

Mar 26, 2024
Hit singer Ed Sheeran was walking through the West Edmonton Mall in Canada when he heard a fan singing his song, “Thinking Out Loud.”
So, being the awesome person he is, Ed started b-lining towards the music, heading straight for the stage. When the person filming him asked what he was doing, Ed simply said, “I’m just going to go sing with someone.” Umm, okay… he’s got to be one of the coolest guys ever.When he finally makes it to the stage and the fan realizes that she’s in the actually midst of a duet with Ed Sheeran, you can see the surprise on her face (and hear it in her voice)… and it’s so cool. This is definitely a moment she’ll never forget.

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