Emotional Moment: 13-Year-Old Opera Prodigy Brings Judge to Tears with Stunning Rendition of Andrea Bocelli

Byvu lita

Nov 29, 2023

Thirteen-year-old Solomia Lukyanets is a performer with an incredible voice. Her blind audition for The Voice Kids Germany featured Andrea Bocelli’s song ‘Say Goodbye.’ With a performance that exceeded all expectations, this young star had finally been discovered.

Solomia rewarded the audience with a showcase of what makes her one of the finest young opera singers ever to be discovered on the show. Her voice carries grace and power beyond her years, while this evolving artist managed to tap the essence &feel of the opera as well.

European pop sensation Lena Meyer-Landru couldn’t hold back her tears as Solomia’s amazing rendition rang out across the audition hall. Her level of emotional intensity level all in awe of her inspiring performance, and eagerly awaiting her next.

By the time that she was done singing, she had won over all the judges. With praise flooding in from all the panelists, young Solomia was next to burst out crying. With tears of joy overflowing, the artist had her pick of the judges finally opting to join Team Karol.

Opera singer Solomia Lukyanets rose to fame through both ‘The Voice Kids Ukraine’ and ‘The Voice Kids Germany,’ but these weren’t her first encounters with fame. The songbird has been singing since the age of three. It’s no wonder this performance of the song ‘Say Good’ is impeccably flawless, exuding effortless power and unbelievable range for her age.

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