Helene Fischer Plays “Just Pretend” With Vintage Footage Of Elvis Presley

Byvu lita

Mar 25, 2024

Elvis Presley truly was the King of Rock and Roll. Whether you liked his music or not, it is a simple fact that he was one of the world’s most influential musicians and one who has rocked the Hall of Fame since his first burst into the spotlight. For many, his songs are timeless classics that invoke dancing and the most touching emotions through his rockabilly songs and his ballads alike. In 2016, the King returned to the stage in a different form: in high-quality video alongside Helene Fischer.

This brand new duet, which blended the modern world with the late great Elvis Presley, was composed by Guy Fletcher in partnership with his writing partner, Doug Flett. These versions of Elvis classics were part of a 2016 record, The Wonder of You: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Alongside archival recordings of Elvis, the album featured orchestral arrangements from the Orchestra which brought these true classics to a different form, while also respecting the King’s originals.

The performance itself was organized in an interesting way. The video begins with a clip of Elvis Presley himself performing “Just Pretend”, with his charisma oozing through the decades-old clip. Just as we begin to sink into this nostalgic performance, the camera begins to zoom out and pan, until it’s revealed that the video is on a screen beside Helene Fischer, who accompanies Elvis in a unique duet. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s contribution only makes this all the more touching.

Elvis Presley, also known as “The King Of Rock and Roll”, was America’s greatest star for decades. From humble beginnings, Elvis built a musical empire that inspired countless others to delve into the world of music. His legacy is still influential today, with his songs being covered by some of the world’s biggest artists. Known for his rockabilly style, he crafted some of the world’s greatest rock and roll songs, as well as ballads. One of his biggest songs was “Jailhouse Rock”; listen below:

Helene Fischer is one of the most established and respected vocalists Germany has had to offer. Despite only being in the large-scale music business since 2005, she has quickly worked her way up the ladder and earned an impressive amount of awards throughout her career. This includes a staggering 17 Echo awards, and a World Music Award for Best-Selling German Artist in 2014. In 2018, she was ranked as the seventh-biggest touring musician in the world.

In 2024, it was announced that an immersive AI experience was being created named Elvis Evolution. The London premiere will feature AI and holographic projection to bring the King of Rock and Roll back to the stage once more, using photos of the singer and footage to create a new experience that has been a large debate among fans.

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