Hugh Jackman Shows Everybody That He IS The Greatest Showman At The Brits On “The Greatest Show” Live

Byvu lita

Mar 28, 2024

When you need to find a man who can do both, superhero Hugh Jackman has you covered 100% of the time, as seen with his show-stopping performance of “The Greatest Show” at the BRIT Awards. The movie star showed off his impressive pipes on the main number from The Greatest Showman musical and fans couldn’t get enough.

The organisers treated the audience to a truly epic production onstage, with dozens of stunning cabaret dancers opening the song, before Jackman made his entrance. In an immaculate silver suit, the leading man effortlessly held the room’s attention with an intense performance. For a guy that earns his living acting, the Aussie star sure has a big set of pipes on him, as you can see in the video below, which has attracted 22 million views.

Jackman opened the song with a booming and macho verse vocal, before shifting gears and showing off how his voice can soar into the tenor range. You’ve got to give it up to the backing vocalists as well, who sang the main hook in the musical hit, as the chorus line didn’t disappoint.

Fans flooded the comments to hype up the Aussie star, adding comments such as, “You can really tell that he is actually singing it, not lip syncing, and that’s what I love about Hugh Jackman,” and “I love how genuinely happy Hugh seems to be performing this. It doesn’t seem fake or forced. He’s so talented and loves doing what he does.” Jackman is known for his ability to deliver the goods live, which you can see with his charismatic delivery of “Gaston” from Beauty and the Beast below.

“The Greatest Show” is the opening track from the soundtrack for Jackman’s 2017 musical film The Greatest Showman. The song was not released as one of the two official singles from the release. However, in this digital age, that didn’t stop it from becoming a hit. In fact, the track was so popular with fans online that it charted at 18 on the UK Singles Year-end chart in 2018.

Jackman captured his vocal parts for the soundtrack right in the middle of 10 weeks of gruelling dance rehearsals prior to filming The Greatest Showman. The star commented on the process to Variety, saying, “Vocally, sometimes you have those ‘I can do anything’ days, and the next day you’re at 80%, so on those days when you’re feeling great, we would just pop over to the studio and record.” He added, “There’s a couple of bits where I sing notes that I’ve never sung. I couldn’t have done that live.”

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