I Cracked Up When Couple Stood Up To Dance, But Once The Music Started, I Was Completely Blown Away  

Byvu lita

Mar 15, 2024

If you are captivated by swing dancers twirling around beautifully in sync to upbeat jazz music, you are in good company. While swing dancing defined the culture of the 1920s, it also influenced dance styles in other eras.

For example, it evolved into the Balboa, the Charleston, lindy hop, and others. In addition, many dancers still enjoy swing dancing today. This was the case for Katie Boyle and Jason Colacino. Back in 2011, a video of the wonderful dancing duo participating in a state-level dance competition in California was posted. Boyle and Colacino gave an outstanding performance.

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This professional dance duo had been practicing and performing for years, and one of their favorite types of dance was swing dancing. They had spent so many long hours practicing and achieving pro status over the years that their two dance styles beautifully melded together.

In fact, they executed a complicated dance like swing dancing so flawlessly that they appeared to have been dancing together all of their lives. They even had mastered several variations of swing dancing to perfection.

When Jason and Katie competed in a state-level dance competition in California, they chose to do the West Coast Swing to a Rolling Stones hit. This song and dance combination may not seem to blend together well for most people, but this was not a challenge for these skilled professionals.

West Coast Swing is a variation of lindy hop, and Jason and Katie customized their moves specifically to accommodate the song’s rhythm. As they impressed the audience and judges with their talents, many people were surprised to see that the duo added a few signature honky-tonk moves to their steps as well.

This took their performance to a stunning new level.

Unfortunately, this particular combo will never perform again. Jason Colacino passed away without prior warning back in 2009 at the age of 31, just a few days shy of his 32nd birthday. His long-time dance partner Katie Boyle posted a heartfelt tribute. According to Colacino’s family and Boyle, the cause for his death was a case of pneumonia together with an enlarged heart, resulting in a heart attack.

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