‘Idol’ Judges Praise Gospel Singer, Claiming She Has “Everything” They’re Looking For

Byvu lita

Mar 22, 2024

Reagan Mills Shows Off His Gospel Talents

As soon as he walked through the audition room doors, Reagan Mills’ distinctive Texan accent charmed judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie, even drawing comparisons to the beloved Leslie Jordan.

Decked out in a bedazzled outfit, Reagan said, “I just figured if I was gonna be a star, I might as well come on American Idol and shine!”

With the judges already intrigued by his vibrant personality, anticipation grew for what the preacher’s son had in store. Taking a seat at the piano, Reagan launched into Adele’s “Easy On Me.” However, despite Reagan’s undeniable talent, the judges believed there was still untapped power within his voice that he had yet to fully show.

Taking the lead, Luke Bryan urged Katy Perry to join Reagan at the piano and unlock his full potential. As Reagan unleashed the depth of his voice, the judges were impressed, but felt there was still more to uncover. They requested Reagan to switch songs, specifically asking for a gospel performance.

Without hesitation, Reagan dived into a rendition of The Clark Sisters’ “Is My Living in Vain.” His delivery of the Gospel track was so captivating that Luke Bryan stepped outside to personally invite Reagan’s mom to join them, revealing her own ability to sing. As Reagan and his mother harmonized through the song, it became evident that the judges were finally witnessing the power and grit they had wanted from Reagan.

“You have your own style. You have your own sound. You have everything we’re looking for. It’s called [being] a full-fledged artist,” Lionel Richie said.

When it came time to vote, the judges were unanimous in their decision. Luke Bryan kicked things off with a passionate “yes,” followed by Lionel Richie’s “Soul yes.” Katy Perry sealed the deal, sending Reagan straight to Hollywood with a golden ticket.

Watch Reagan Mills’ soulful ‘Idol’ audition below.

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