Incredible Talent: Italian Pianists Showcase Amazing Footwork in “Despacito” Performance

Byvu lita

Jan 19, 2024

Anyone who has seen Tom Hanks’ 1988 film Big will remember an iconic scene in which Hank’s character uses his feet to play “Chopsticks” on a giant piano. Manuel Benyacar, a luthier (instrument maker) from Buenos Aires who now lives in Italy, was particularly moved by this scene. In 2011, he hand-built his first giant piano. He arranged for a group of musicians known as Il Grande Piano (AKA Italian Big Piano) to perform on it.

In 2016, Benyacar developed a design that was simple to transport and assemble. This allowed the group to tour various venues and demonstrate the skills they had developed over the years. The group’s first performance took place in Cremona as part of an urban regeneration project. In a video that has been viewed over 7.3 million times on YouTube, the group demonstrates their mesmerising dance and music abilities in their rendition of “Despacito” by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi.

The piano used by the Italian Big Piano is the biggest in Europe. The sound is created by a complex system of sensors that respond to the pressure of the players’ feet and relies on the players landing on the keys in perfect synchronicity. It has six octaves, giving some flexibility in the songs that can be played. However, with only four or six feet, as opposed to ten fingers, the group does have to be selective about the songs that they choose to play.

The group has covered a variety of genres in their performances. In the pop world, they have performed songs by artists, including Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.”. They have a repertoire of festive songs for Christmas performances, and they play TV themes such as “The Pink Panther.”. They have also performed classical songs, such as a memorable version of Mozart’s “Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550”; a video of this has been watched 38 million times on YouTube.

Benyacar has promised to continue developing the technology for his large piano and attempting to incorporate other large instruments. The group has previously performed shows featuring a giant violin and a transverse flute. This groundbreaking form of entertainment may become more popular as technology makes it more accessible, resulting in an exciting fusion of dance and music.

The Italian Big Piano will continue to delight and amaze all who witness their incredible talent. What was once the imagination of a 1980s filmmaker has evolved into a revolutionary form of musical performance.

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