J-Sol, An Aspiring Artist, Moves The X Factor Judge Panel To Tears With a Tribute To His Late Mother

Byvu lita

Jan 4, 2024

In Britain’s popular talent show The X Factor, people come from all walks of life to show their talents and try to change their lives by becoming the country’s newest pop sensation. While this dream is incredibly hard to achieve, some are so inspired and determined due to moments in their lives that they seem to be born for success.

Enter a nervous, yet determined, 25-year-old named J-SOL to the audition stage. Performing in a full venue must be a terrifying yet exhilarating experience, but this young performer has an extra member watching him in spirit: his mother. Her sudden passing in 2015 led J-SOL to eventually accept her request to perform on the X Factor; little did he know what kind of reaction he was going to get. Watch J-SOL’s emotional performance of Bullet In My Heart below:

To someone like J-SOL, family is everything, and that pours out of him through both his words and the performance of his song dedicated to his mother. Her sudden passing clearly had a large impact on this young man’s life, and his musical determination seems to be fuelled by wanting to make her proud, which is sure to be the case with his blistering performance.

Not only is J-SOL’s performance excellent, but the touching nature of his song is enough to reduce most of the judge’s panel to tears. Louis Tomlinson, who rose to fame in the popular boy’s band One Direction, immediately goes to the stage to give J-SOL a hug and thank him for the performance, as he also lost his mother after a battle with leukemia.

One standing ovation later, it’s obvious to everybody in that theatre that an emotional star has just been born. Four astounding ‘yes’ later, J-SOL’s life was about to change for the better; in his post-audition interview, he seemed much calmer and mentioned that his mother would have been proud of him. In fact, he’s an inspiration to all of us who have lost someone to continue to chase our dreams and make our loved ones proud no matter where they are.

Despite being involved in the world of music before his X Factor appearance, where he uploaded song covers on YouTube, he hadn’t quite become a large name for himself. Since appearing on The X Factor, J-SOL has continued to make a name for himself musically and has experienced significant success.

His performance of Bullet In My Heart on The X Factor became a viral hit on YouTube shortly after the show aired in 2018, and resurfaced fairly recently on the social media powerhouse TikTok, amassing 2.4 million views in just 48 hours. Not only has he had a lot of views on his content, but he has also experienced heavy sales on his music, with over 6,000 digital sales and over 13 million streams since kickstarting his career.

Regardless of J-SOL’s success in sales, it stands to say that he will always be an inspiration to people who have lost someone special in their lives. Giving up is never an option; we do it for them, as well as for ourselves.

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