Josh Groban Performs One Of The Greatest Songs Of All Time And Moves The Audience To Tears From The Very First Note

Byvu lita

Apr 16, 2024

Simon & Garfunkel are one of the most recognized and celebrated duos in the history of music. Their 1970’s hit Bridge Over Troubled Water has remained a favorite among fans for decades. It became the group’s biggest single and remains an iconic tune that is instantly recognizable.

The gospel-tinged song has reached number one on numerous charts since its initial release. Over 50 artists spanning many different genres have covered this classic song in their personal style. Rolling Stone magazine even ranked this song number 48 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. It’s no wonder, then, that award-winning musician Josh Groban wanted to give the song a shot. Groban memorably performed his own rendition of the hit track live from Madison Square Garden in New York City back in 2018.

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Josh Groban recently joined the long list of musicians who covered this classic song and brought his unique blend of opera and pop to it.

Groban has sung with the likes of Celine Dion and was even once handpicked by David Foster to replace Andrea Bocelli. Over the past few years, Groban has solidified himself as one of the most recognizable and talented voices of the generation. He has the ability to put a unique spin and sound on any song that he covers.

During one of his many concerts at the iconic Madison Square Garden, Groban decided to treat the audience to this most classic of tunes. When the audience heard what song Groban was about to perform, they erupted with cheers and applause.

Although Groban is able to sing nearly every song flawlessly, there was something truly special about his unique rendition of this inspiring song. He gave the classic tune a contemporary spin with his powerful vocals.

For the first half of the song, Groban’s voice was only accompanied by his impressive piano skills. His enthralling vocals captivated the audience.

As the song went on, backup singers and instrumentalists joined in to create a special gospel-like feel.

The end result?

A perfect blend of instruments, backup vocals, harmonies, and stunning vocals from Groban whose magnificent voice was able to reach every corner of the crowded venue.

There are only a few artists who can play such a classic song in their own style without ruining the original writer’s intentions. If you found this performance inspiring, show it to a family member or friend who loves gospel music and truly special performances. And let us know: How does Groban’s rendition compare to Simon and Garfunkel’s original? 

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