Judge Interrupts Audition Music, Young Man Impressively Sings A Cappella and Blows Everyone Away

Byvu lita

Jan 15, 2024

Meet 11-year-old D’corey Johnson.

He joined America’s Got Talent and wants to sing Journey’s “Open Arms.”

The judges seem optimistic about hearing it. You know when a kid is on the stage that you’re in for a treat. Most of the show-stopping, viral performances on talent shows come from the young ones.

D’Cory is no exception, as we’re about to hear.

He watches America’s Got Talent whenever it’s on, so this must be a dream come true for him.

Sofia is already supportive of him and hypes him up, and that encouragement gives him even more confidence.

D’Corey, though, says Simon is his favorite judge for “keeping it real,” much to Simon’s approval.

And boy does D’Corey have one hell of a voice.

“Open Arms” is pretty demanding to sing, even at the start, but that’s no problem for D’Corey. He gives the opening verse his all and makes it look as easy as singing in the shower.

Then the chorus comes, and D’Corey owns it as well. He’s got a voice well worth being that confident about.

The 11-year-old amazes judges and the audience alike.

All those days watching ATG back home, and he finally gets to star on it—even for just one night.

After slaying that cover of the song, Simon wants to hear more.

D’Corey’s favorite judge either wants seconds from the main course of a performance or wants to critically evaluate D’Corey to really push him to be the best he can.

Simon didn’t think poorly of the cover; it was quite the opposite. He seems to have liked it a ton.

So Simon then asks the boy if he’d mind singing it again, but without the music.

D’Corey came here to perform and probably wants to impress his favorite judge. So, of course, he agrees without hesitation.

An Acapella cover of “Open Arms” is coming our way. We’ll get to hear his voice raw and unfiltered, which is arguably the best way to hear a singer’s voice.

And after singing just a few lines, the 11-year-old proves that he’s just as good even without the music.

I’d even say he sounds better without it.

The audience and judges agree.

It’s a standing ovation for D’Corey, much deserved. Terry Crews has the biggest smile on his face.

It’s rare for contestants to showcase their voices with and without the backing tracks, and D’Corey left a huge impression when he did just that.

That opens up a lot of doors for him. I hope he gets more opportunities to be a performer in the future, because he’s clearly got what it takes.

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