Larry Fleet Draws on His Deep Country Roots in the Performance of “Where I Find God”

Byvu lita

Jan 17, 2024

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!! isn’t your typical country tune. It originates from the battle cry of the USS New Orleans chaplain during the Pearl Harbor attack, inspiring a 1942 recording by Kay Kyser and his Orchestra. This phrase, as noted by Patterson Hood of Drive-by Truckers, highlights the “duality” of the US South, where a bigot can revel in vices on Saturday night but is expected at church on Sunday morning.

Country music, rooted in the South, mirrors these dualities. The Carter Family, considered the “first family of country,” blended heartfelt religious tunes with murder ballads and train wreck sagas. Johnny Cash, known for Folsom Prison Blues, also ventured into devotional music. Just as not all country musicians are religious, not all Southerners are racists; instead, both religion and tales of depravity run deep in the country.

Larry Fleet’s breakthrough single, “Where I Find God” (feat. Morgan Wallen) (Live), explores redemption. While the original version leans towards pop-country, the stripped-down live rendition resonates more authentically. The song, with 32 million views for the original and 28 million views for the live version, addresses salvation amid rock bottom, touching the lives of those battling addiction.

The South’s historical duality, encompassing literature, music, and hospitality alongside slavery and the KKK, has evolved. Since the 1980s, a new layer has emerged, particularly in the “meth belt,” coinciding with the Bible belt. “Where I Find God” reflects on this, with comments revealing how the song aids individuals in finding solace and spirituality during their struggles.

Hank Williams’ “I Saw the Light” echoes a similar theme of spiritual rebirth, underscoring the timeless motif of seeking salvation in country music. Larry Fleet, hailing from White Bluff, Tennessee, with family ties to Bluegrass, embodies the genre’s rich heritage. His journey from playing in bars to featuring on Real Country and signing with Big Loud speaks to his dedication.

Morgan Wallen, a fellow Big Loud artist, faced controversy in 2021, but despite setbacks, he remains a significant figure in country music. The recent live version of “Where I Find God” has fans expressing concern for Wallen’s well-being, highlighting the power of music to provide solace during challenging times.

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