Little Girl Lights Up The Stage With Beatles Classic, Earning 17 Million Views

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Mar 5, 2024

In the big world of music and emerging talents, it’s not every day that a story like Anastasiya Petryk’s comes along.

As the younger sibling in her family, Anastasiya has managed to step out from under her sister’s shadow and make a name for herself, showing us all that age doesn’t define the volume of your voice or the size of your dreams.


Growing up with an older sibling who’s already making waves can be tough.

It’s a double-edged sword; you get a certain freedom, but you also yearn to make your own mark.

Anastasiya, following her sister Viktoria into Ukraine’s talent spotlight, was no exception.

She was driven from a young age to show the world her unique talents.


Her journey to the limelight began quite unexpectedly during her sister’s audition on “Ukraine’s Got Talent” back in 2009.

At just 7 years old, Anastasiya was invited to join Viktoria on stage, and together, they wowed everyone with their rendition of “I Love Rock ‘n Roll.”

This wasn’t just a performance – it was Anastasiya’s first step into a world where she would soon shine on her own.


She was born for the limelight.

The year 2012 was a turning point for Anastasiya when she clinched the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Nebo.”

This win wasn’t just about her vocal talent – it was a moment that connected her with audiences across Europe.

Alongside her sister, she continued to impress in various competitions, proving that her voice was something special.


One performance that still stands out is her cover of “Oh! Darling” by The Beatles.

Considering The Beatles’ monumental influence on music, Anastasiya’s choice to tackle one of their hits was both bold and brilliant.

Her powerful rendition left everyone in awe, showcasing a maturity and talent well beyond her years.


People around the world are awestruck by her performance.

The video, capturing 9-year-old Anastasiya’s commanding stage presence, has attracted over 17 million views online, mesmerizing viewers year after year.

Dressed in a button-down shirt with her hair neatly braided, she might look like any other little girl at first glance.

But once she starts singing, it’s clear she’s in a league of her own, performing with a confidence that many seasoned artists strive for.


It’s clear the crowd is blown away by her performance.

Anastasiya makes the classic completely her own, not to mention, she owns the stage as well!

And when she hits certain notes, you wouldn’t think they were coming from a kid under 10 years old.


Viewers have left glowing comments as well.

One wrote:

“I’ve watched this about 10 times since I came across it yesterday! All that adorableness & all that talent!! Love how she smiles through entire performance. Band is just the right amount of Cool too. ????”

Another shared:

“An amazing voice, combined with stage presence and charisma made this performance pure gold. Also, the accent and little mistakes in the lyrics only adds to her extreme cuteness. A thousand thumbs up!!”


Watch the video below to see Anastasiya’s incredible rendition of “Oh Darling” for yourself!

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