Little Girl Steals Hearts Singing ‘You Raise Me Up’ Accompanied by A Piano

Byvu lita

Apr 16, 2024

Kids brains are like sponges – they are able to pick up everything they elders do and say. They say the easiest way of teaching a kid to do the right thing is to show it how it’s done, rather than telling the kid to so it, then do the exact opposite when the kid isn’t looking. Not all kids want to learn the alphabet and not all kids want to learn nursery rhymes or pop songs. Though it is true they are quick-learners, that doesn’t mean they will all have same preferences for learning. Somebody likes to swim and somebody likes to sing and as long as parents don’t suffocate the wishes of their own children, everything is fine. An interesting video has emerged of a little girl who is in the process of learning how to sing.

Her facial expression, her body posture and her immense love for music, makes her look like the star whose song she is performing. Accompanied by a piano, she has mastered the lyrics of the song and know what comes next. She knows where to pause and when to start. She also knows the parts where her voice has to be lowered down and the parts where she has to pour her heart out to keep the powerful notes running smoothly in the song. Her name is Sophia Noh and she is a four-year-old girl who beautifully sings a cover of Josh Groban’s ‘You Raise Me Up’ in this amazing clip.

We all know how hard it is to contain our excitement whenever we hear our favorite song comes on. Can you imagine what it must be like for a kid? Well, we are here to help you with a priceless visual that is simply adorable. This little girl singing her heart out will definitely brighten your day. Enjoy! She is such an inspiration. It’s amazing to see a person so young who is able to put her own spin on a song with such a confidence and ability. Watch her as she is pouring her heart out during this home performance! She is simply charming! Who knew a four-year-old could show so much emotion while singing? Incredible!

You can really tell that Sophia loves to sing with each and every note. As the song progresses, her voice gets more power, and she starts expressing the emotion of the song with her arms. Can you recognize the body language? She imitates Josh Groban and makes grimaces just like him. Her hand goes to her heart and her head rises as she belts out the final notes. “You Raise Me Up” was popularized by the critically acclaimed Josh Groban in 2003 whose version took the world by storm, dipping into the charts not only in the United States but internationally as well in countries like Denmark, Austria, France, and Switzerland. We encourage Sophia and her family to send some more videos of her singing different covers because she is natural and her face speaks for itself as it follows the melody.

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