Lorelai Mosnegutu’s Emotional Symphony: A Teen’s Tearful Piano Performance with Footwork and Enchanting Vocals

Byvu lita

Nov 16, 2023

14-year-old Lorelai Moșneguțu was born without arms, but she wasn’t going to let that slow her down on the way to becoming an amazing pianist and singer. The teen had the room in tears with the power of her performance on Romania’s Got Talent, where she deftly played keyboard with her feet and sang a gorgeous vocal part on “A Million Stars”.

The judges and just about everyone in the room was stunned and the emotion on their faces was clear to see. Aside from the hugely impressive feat of playing the piano part with her toes, Lorelai is an enormously talented singer who really put her soul into the performance. Judge Andra seized the moment and hit the golden buzzer, prompting an huge outpouring of emotion in the room. Watch the one-of-a-kind audition below.

Lorelai made an excellent choice with “A Million Stars” by Romanian pop star Luminița Anghel for the audition, as she really brought the feeling of the hopeful song out with her heartfelt vocals. She eventually went all the way in the competition, becoming the overall winner in the seventh season of Romania’s Got Talent and taking home the €120,000 prize.

The Romanian singer was born without arms due to a birth defect. Watching her audition, you get the impression that even just her voice alone is a winning contender, which she proved with her final, winning performance, which she did without playing an instrument. This also allowed her to command the stage more fully, as you can see in the video below.

Fans flocked to her audition video to write admiring comments such as “Oh gosh, that made me cry like a baby. She’s so gorgeous and her voice is absolutely amazing and like liquid gold to my ears. We love you so much young lady.” and “Every time I watch this, no matter where, I cry. This is always so beautiful and touching.

One of the few things that touch me deep down. She is indeed a human marvel; an angel.” Lorelai was born in 2003 in the historic Romanian city of Târgoviște, Dâmbovița. She is now aged 20 and lives in the Romanian capital Bucharest, where she bought a house with her winnings from Romania’s Got Talent. She is pursuing studies in communications and public relations in the capital as well as progressing her music career. As can be seen on her Instagram, she regularly performs at events and is quite active musically.

Lorelai had a long and hard road to where she is now, as her birth mother abandoned her as a baby. Nurse Viorica Pârvan adopted Lorelai soon after, and the pair now live together in Bucharest.

Ms Pârvan told the Romanian publication Click! that she is very proud of Lorelai and commented that the pair “moved to Bucharest, especially for Lorelai’s college. We gave up our life in Târgoviște for it. She goes to college because she wants to. She is studying public relations and maybe in the future, she will end up in a press office. I think she could do quite a lot in this line of work.

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