Luke Combs Teaches Ed Sheeran on the Art of Shotgunning a Beer

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Mar 21, 2024

Less than a week after Luke Combs teamed up with Ed Sheeran for a duet at the ACM Awards, the musicians are bonding over a country boy’s favorite hobby…shotgunning beer.

In a video posted to social media, Combs is teaching Sheeran the art of shotgunning a can of Miller Lite.

“Alright, for context, Luke is … what is it, shooting?” Sheeran tells the camera with a can of beer in hand.

“Shotgunning,” Combs answered.

“Luke is teaching me how to shotgun a beer,” Sheeran added.

Luke Combs went on to explain the concept, saying, “You wanna be mindful of where your top is, ’cause once that’s open it’s coming out of that if you’re pointing it at the ground. So you want this pointing at the sky,” he tells Ed while pointing to the top of the can. “Once you’re up…then you crack the top and it’s just gonna go.”

On the count of three, Ed and Luke put their mouth over holes punched in the side of the beer can, then pulled the tab to open the top so that the beer drained into their mouths quickly.

It took no time at all for Luke to throw his empty can to the ground, proof that he’s a shotgunning pro. Ed tried his best to keep up, but ultimately threw his can on the ground and said while pointing to Luke, “That was pretty impressive.”


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Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran first met in 2018 and became friends.

They teamed up for the first time for this year’s ACM Awards show where they performed “Life Goes On,” a track from Sheeran’s newly-released album “-” (“Subtract”). The next day, Sheeran released the official duet with Combs.

Hear Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran sing “Life Goes On” at the ACM Awards in the video below.

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