Meet Jurabek: The Four-Year-Old Aspiring to Follow in Whitney Houston’s Footsteps

Byvu lita

Oct 3, 2023

Since Whitney Houston made this Dolly Parton tune famous in 1992, artists of all ages have been trying to recapture the magic ever since. But this adorable performer from Uzbekistan is turning heads with his heartwarming rendition.

Jurabek Juraev was only four years old when he appeared in this viral clip. As the camera gives us an insider’s look at the little man laying down his tracks in the studio, we don’t know what’s more impressive – his adorable commitment to the story or his killer vocal runs.

Though singers typically throw in as many show-offy runs as they can while covering this tune, we love that Juraev keeps it classy with his soft, intimate tone. But don’t worry, he’s still got plenty of vocal chops to pull out when the song calls for it.

As the session comes to a close, we see Juraev give the engineer a huge toothy grin and thumbs up for a job well done. This four-year-old powerhouse might just be the music industry’s next rising star, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

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