Michael Buble and Rod Stewart Collaborate on a Cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “It’s A Heartache”

Byvu lita

Dec 29, 2023

It’s not every day that you get to witness two superstars of different generations come together to create a new spectacular hit, but today is one of those rare days. Sir Rod Stewart, an iconic British rock and pop singer-songwriter of the 70s onwards, and Canadian heartthrob Michael Bublé shared a studio and came together to create a unique spin on a Bonnie Tyler classic.

The pair, packed in a studio with many different backing musicians and instruments surrounding them, are a curious combination on paper; in the studio, however, they are electric. With backing choirs in full force and a room full of passion, the duo and their company create a beautiful rendition of “It’s A Heartache” from the Welsh superstar, Bonnie Tyler. Watch their cover below:

The first thing that’s noticed is just how well Rod Stewart’s raspy, true-to-life vocals suit this cover. These vocals made him famous over the years, and even over 50 years into his career, it doesn’t seem like his voice has aged a day. His vocals add an air of melancholy to Tyler’s lyrics, and with this performance, a reignited classic is born once more.

“It’s A Heartache” is one of the most popular offerings from the Welsh pop superstar Bonnie Tyler, who became best known for many of the classics that are still listened to today. Some of her most popular tracks include “It’s A Heartache”, “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”, and “Holding Out For A Hero”. Watch the original music video for “It’s A Heartache” below, and notice how Rod Steward was made for a cover of this song:

This gathering of musicians to create a cover of Bonnie Tyler’s classic, and the entire atmosphere that it created in a live setting, was enough to make Michael Bublé emotional halfway through the performance. When Rod Stewart calls him over to join in on the song, he’s almost dumbfounded by both love for the song and simple excitement over joining in harmony with a superstar.

Rod Stewart is an absolute icon in the British music scene. His extensive and impressive career and discography have earned him the adoration of millions across the globe, and despite now being 78 years of age, he’s still organizing sell-out shows worldwide. As seen in the video above, age has not tested his voice whatsoever, and he’s still sounding impressive to this day.

Before kickstarting his solo career, which gained him British notoriety, Rod Stewart was a member of several music groups in the 1960s. Of all of them, The Steampacket was arguably the most recognized. Rod Stewart’s iconic vocals made a mark on the outfit’s overall sound, with “Cry Me A River” being a standout in their (albeit short-lived) discography.

As we saw in Bublé and Stewart’s rendition of “It’s A Heartache”, there is a lot of love to go around for reigniting classic hits and bringing them back to the modern scene. Hopefully, we can see more superstar duets such as these in the years to come.

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