Olivia Rubini Wins John Legend’s Last Spot On “The Voice”: “I Was Waiting For The Perfect Person”

Byvu lita

Mar 14, 2024

Olivia Rubini gave the final Season 25 blind audition, which meant John Legend got her by default—and Reba McEntire, Chance the Rapper, and Dan + Shay felt like they unwittingly missed out on a game-changing singer.

Olivia performed the Linda Ronstad classic Long, Long Time during the March 12 episode. Her smooth and emotional vocals immediately raised John’s eyebrows, and he slammed his red button with the confidence that he had been handed a possible winner.

John Legend Olivia Rubini

The other coaches remained with their backs turned as she finished her performance because they had already filled every available spot on their teams. So they couldn’t vie for her. While they listened to her sing, they closed their eyes and let her music move them.

Olivi Rubini Would Have Had a Four-Chair Performance

When Olivia Rubini finished, the coaches offered praise and admitted that they were heartbroken about having to miss out on working with her.

“Unfortunately, I’ve filled my team full. I couldn’t turn around. I definitely would’ve ’cause you’re a great singer,” Reba gushed.

Chance the Rapper and Dan + Shay both shared similar sentiments, which means Olivia would have had a four-chair performance had she auditioned earlier.

Olivia mentioned that she has been in the music world since she was about four because her father is a producer. Now that she’s grown, he produces all of her songs.

John Legend spoke last and said he was “waiting for the perfect person to fill” his team, and he was “so happy” that he didn’t have to fight the other coaches for her. Chance jumped in to say that it definitely would have “been a fight.”

John went on to say that Olivia Rubini had a virtually perfect audition. She barely even messed up when she felt the shock of seeing John turn for her.

“I’m just happy to complete my team with you, Olivia, welcome to Team Legend,” he added.

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