One-Person Mashup of Taylor Swift’s “1989” Hits Is So Perfect You’ll Play It Over and Over on Repeat!

Byvu lita

Mar 5, 2024

Taylor Swift is an icon in today’s pop culture. You truly can’t go anywhere without being exposed to her awesomeness – even if you’re not a fan.

Other than her good deeds, her chic style and top hits, her newest album title 1989 is the concentration of a ridiculous amount of fame… and just happens to be her hottest album yet, easily outselling her last.

So in homage to this great accomplishment of musical genius and fun entertainment, YouTuber Todrick Hall made an epic compilation of every song from Taylor’s award-winning album.

The video is so captivating and energetic that it’s almost impossible not to find yourself dancing and singing along!

Watch the contagiously spunky video below:

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