Pedestrians Slow Down Their Stroll When They Hear The Guitar, Then Completely Stop When The Woman Starts Singing

Byvu lita

Jan 22, 2024

Street performers or buskers are everywhere, and it’s just a matter of time before you stumble upon an incredibly good one who will make you stop on your tracks.

No matter how busy you are, your curiosity will surely be triggered once you see a busker who’s being surrounded by onlookers.

Perhaps you can take this amazing singer as a perfect example.

Her name is Veronika Twerdy.

She was born in Germany and has made it in the world of music for her angelic voice and songwriting ability.

She also has a YouTube channel called ‘null’ where she uploads videos of her doing public performances and song covers.

One notable thing about Veronika Twerdy is her captivating vocals. They’re thin yet sweet.

According to, she “creates music that is both nostalgic and modern, flawlessly fusing parts of pop and indie pop. She draws inspiration from a variety of musical sources. Her songs convey a sense of openness and introspection that enables listeners to empathize with her on a profound emotional level.”

I think a lot of people would agree that singing should always be performed with emotions that genuinely come from the heart.

In one of her recent public performances, Veronika made heads turn with a song worthy of her prowess.

And what better song to grace the winter air with than Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”?

This timeless song was initially released in 1984 and is commonly looked at as a spiritual song.

Since then, people from all walks of life and even professional singers have been singing, making their own song covers, and even their own versions of this iconic song.

In the middle of a busy and cold street, Veronika started blessing everyone passing by with her angelic voice.

Her voice was so refined and melodic that you’d imagine it coming from the heavens above.

It didn’t take long before people started stopping in their tracks and giving their kind monetary donations to the amazing singer. People from all walks of life and of all ages couldn’t resist lending Veronika both their eyes and ears.

Some even took their phones out and started filming Veronika as she sang.

The video of her performance was soon uploaded to her YouTube channel. As of this writing, the video has already gained over 30,000 views in just over a week.

The grateful street performer wrote in the video’s description:

“I feel so grateful! I didn’t even realise how quickly this crowd was formed. It was the first song I played this evening … My heart was full of love for everyone who stopped and listened. I love singing on the street as it is pure, authentic, and real. Building a real connection with people in the simplest setting as possible.”

Veronika is active on both her YouTube and Instagram accounts. There, she shares videos of her other public performances and song covers.

Listen to Veronika’s soothing voice by pressing the play button below.

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