People Can’t Get Over the “Kenergy” Ryan Gosling Gave During His “I’m Just Ken” Performance At The Oscars

Byvu lita

Mar 13, 2024

Ryan Gosling took the Oscars stage with unmatched “Kenergy” to perform his Barbie movie hit, “I’m Just Ken.” We couldn’t have imagined a better performance.

The song began in a traditional way, with Ryan on the stage with back-up dancers. But quickly, the performance turned into something so much more.

Ryan Gosling, stunning in an all-pink suit, went into the Oscar’s audience and turned “I’m Just Ken” into an epic sing-along. It completely embodied the spirit of the movie, and we couldn’t be more obsessed.

His performance was a total show-stealer, both in the movie and at the Oscars! I mean, just look at this totally epic shot?

ryan as ken
This image is from X.

Fans took to X to express their adoration for Ryan Gosling and the Oscar’s performance.

Everyone was particularly amused at Martin Scorsese’s reaction.

“It’s official. Ryan Gosling is better than Eminem,” said one tweet, comparing Martin’s reaction to various performances.

“Did you also wake up the morning after the Oscars and immediately rewatch Ryan Gosling’s “I’m Just Ken” performance several times or are you normal?” said another fan.

We’re totally in that camp. We can’t get enough of his campy performance.

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