Piano Darling Impresses ‘The Voice Kids France’ With Her Elegant Voice in a Cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Byvu lita

Jan 18, 2024

The Voice Kids France was in for a treat when Naomi Aye took the stage and blew everyone away with a cover of Queen’s hit song Bohemian Rhapsody. Playing the piano and singing, she really made the song her own, with tons of vocal improvisations and an unbelievable range for someone her age.

She starts off very soft and slow, but immediately impresses judges Kendji Girac and Soprano. Girac remains on his feet for the rest of the performance, while Soprano is lost for words as he leans over his desk to listen to Naomi.

About halfway through the performance, Patrick Fiori hits the button, becoming the third judge to do so. Even his timing is perfect, hitting it right on the word “Mama.”.

Naomi Aye The Voice Kids France

He is soon followed by Jenifer Bartoli, eliciting excited screams from Naomi’s family backstage. Now all four judges have expressed their interest in Naomi, placing the choice in her hands.

Putting her own spin on the vocals and providing the piano playing herself, Naomi’s performance was something special for a girl of just 12. She really proved that she has what it takes to be a pop superstar.

She even ended the performance with a pitch-perfect falsetto, something that would make Freddie Mercury go green with envy.

She is also making the most of this newfound exposure with a Youtube channel that has more covers sung by her.

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