Piano Student’s Jaw Drops as She Watches a Man Masterfully Play Boogie Woogie on The Public Piano

Byvu lita

Aug 31, 2023

The king of YouTube piano videos is back with another banger as this time he stuns a young music student with his skills.

Brendan Kavanagh, aka Dr K, has delighted viewers on his channel for several years with his incredible boogie woogie playing on the piano.

He regularly plays on the numerous public pianos in around the bustling train stations of London.

His endless talent always draws a crowd from the busy commuters and passersby, who realise they have the chance to witness something special.

Dr K has no problem putting on a great show all by himself, but he prefers to share the limelight with another performer, usually one of the people who have stopped to listen to him play.

In this latest video, Kavanagh is watching a teenage girl play on the piano and admiring her own abilities.

As he likes to do, he pretends that he cannot play the piano, and asks for a few tips from the girl.

She shows him the basics on how to play a simple tune, and Kavanagh plays along that he is trying to learn it correctly.

Then out of nowhere, he brings the tune to life with his mastery of the instrument.

The young lady’s face is an absolute picture the moment she is wowed by Kavanagh’s skill, and as she realises she is dealing with no novice on the ivories.

The pair then perform a wonderful duet on the piano that thrilled the passersby and Dr K’s online audience.

Take a look at the video for yourself.

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