Playing Moon River For Rescue Dog, a 7-Year-Old Girl Goes Viral

Byvu lita

Feb 1, 2024

Two of the cutest things in YouTube videos are animals and children. Of course, the very cutest videos involve both. Meet Emilie Barton, the seven-year-old daughter of musician Paul Barton, who has swept YouTube with a video of her playing Moon River for her dog.

Dad, Paul, has become famous on YouTube for playing the piano for blind elephants and other animals at a sanctuary in Thailand. It appears little Emilie has followed in her dad’s footsteps and not only enjoys playing the piano but also loves doing it for animals. The animal in question is her dog, Sharkey.

Sharkey looks very relaxed and majestic, stretched out on top of the piano as his little “hooman” plays for him. He obviously trusts Emilie and loves spending time with her. Emilie plays with impressive confidence and skill for someone only seven years old. She also displays great musicality and wonderful expressiveness, considering Moon River was decades before her time. She captures the romance and flowing quality beautifully.

Sharkey, meanwhile, is the image of a relaxed and happy pet. He reclines on the piano with his eyes almost closed. He has a wolf-like quality, and you could almost believe that this talented child has drawn a wild animal out of a nearby forest with the beauty of her playing. Sharkey may also have found the vibrations from the piano soothing, like a gentle massage.

Emilie’s skill, Sharkey’s reaction, and the beauty of the music combine to make this a must-watch video. In fact, it’s already been viewed 312,000 times in its first two weeks on YouTube. The positive comments have flooded in, and viewers seem enchanted by Emilie’s playing. The video has touched the hearts of many people.

“Moon River was a favorite of my mother’s. She was a music teacher and taught it to all of her students. Emilie’s dad has taught her well. She plays beautifully. Even though I’m sobbing, thank you for the memories, sweetheart.”

It has been uploaded on Paul’s channel, but Emilie is so talented that it seems certain that she will have her own channel before long. However, she’s only seven and has plenty of time yet. She needs to fit in school as well as have time to be a child and play with her friends.

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