Prepare to Be Amazed: This Viral Violin Duet of ‘Beyond the Dark’ Will Leave You Astonished

Byvu lita

Oct 2, 2023

‘Beyond The Dark’ By Rob Landes ft. Sarah Davidson-GurneyLegendary violinists Rob Landes and Sarah Davidson-Gurney collaborate to create the powerful instrumental track ‘Beyond the Dark.’ Once again, these two stars have taken a classical medium and transformed it into a contemporary dance sensation that uplifts & soothes the soul.

This is Rob’s first collaboration with Sarah Davidson-Gurney. The two come together in a duet that’s a fine showcase of their ability to create tracks that are not only technically flawless but songs that reinvent the sound of electronic violin music.

‘Beyond The Dark’ by Rob Landes ft. Sarah Davidson-Gurney is an electric violin duet that’ll pacify your problems while taking the mind & soul on an inspiring journey of upliftment. Performing since the age of three, Rob’s experience shows as he plays alongside one of the hottest female instrumental artists in the world.

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